Pension & Welfare

Experienced pension accountant in Lincoln

Finding your way through the unique challenges of pension and welfare plans requires the help of a compass that points true north. Grafton & Associates, P.C. has extensive experience with these plans and can help you find the way through the regulatory obstacles. 

Pension and welfare plans

Our accounting associates offer services that will be tailored to your needs: 
  • Auditing of Financial Statements
  • Preparation of Federal Form 5500 (Annual Return/ Benefit Plan)
  • Comfort Review of Federal Form 5500 (if prepared by another entity)
  • Representation at IRS Audits
  • Response to IRS Notices
Pension accountant cross checking the report data in Lincoln, NE

Partner with us

Pension and welfare benefits can be mired in complicated legalities. Don't stress about receiving your benefits, call our team to help you work through your unique situation and ensure you receive all of the benefits for which you qualify. We're here to partner with you every step of the way, so make your first appointment with us today!

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